Dynamic Commissioning

Commissioning is an essential element of a construction project turnover process. It’s the preferred method for ensuring that building systems are installed and operating to provide maximum performance and in accordance with project requirements.  

Benefits of commissioning include:
•    Assurance that the Project was executed as designed
•    Reduced energy consumption, through optimization
•    Lower operating and maintenance costs
•    Increased equipment life
•    Enhanced Indoor Environmental Quality
•    Improved occupant comfort and productivity
Although, an owner receives these benefits at "acceptance", everyone knows that a building’s performance is only as good as its maintenance and management. After being commissioned, a building’s performance generally declines within two to five years unless a Dynamic Commissioning program is instituted. This type of program enables facility and maintenance staff to detect and diagnose problems as they arise, and to maximize the performance of existing equipment and systems as they age and evolve.

Through its SMART Services Programs, Hunton Services can help existing building owners implement a dynamic commissioning system and reduce energy consumption by up to 20%; realizing a return on investment in as little as six months.

Hunton Services can provide building owners with Dynamic Commissioning process activities within the following building sub-systems:
•    Heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration and their associated controls systems
•    Lighting systems
•    Domestic hot water systems
•    Plumbing systems
•    Building envelope systems
•    IT Systems and building networks