Energy Supply

Hunton Services can help with the implementation of an energy supply management program. These programs protect your organization from the negative financial impacts of price swings in the natural gas and electrical power markets. Successful programs apply forward-looking market analysis to your organization’s needs and risk appetite.

Poor energy procurement decisions can be expensive. Energy prices fluctuate constantly, which can significantly affect your energy bill and performance against budget. By taking a proactive approach to buying energy, you can better control costs.

The Hunton Process

Hunton Services helps with energy procurement that ensures you’re getting the best value for your energy dollar. Instead of using contract expiration dates as the sole driver for energy procurement, we identify strategic sourcing opportunities by constantly monitoring market dynamics to identify the best possible purchase opportunities. Our proactive approach allows you to capitalize on energy opportunities as they appear.

We review previous energy invoices to help identify current energy purchasing needs. Our energy consultants constantly monitor energy market drivers like regulations, economic data, historical performance, and regional supply and demand. We translate this energy intelligence into specific energy procurement recommendations based on key factors like pricing, contract terms, product structures and credit conditions.

Buying the best energy product at the lowest price greatly depends on timing. Allowing a contract term or fiscal calendar to dictate that timing can cause your organization to miss valuable opportunities. In a volatile market like energy, knowing how and when to purchase energy requires foresight based on a thorough knowledge of the market.

In order to procure the most cost-effective energy, Hunton Services consultants are forecasting change in the marketplace, instead of simply reacting to change as it occurs. Our proactive approach directly translates into strategic, operational and cost benefits for your organization.

Be strategic about when and how you buy energy. Call Hunton Services to get started today.