Performance Contracting

Performance Contracting is a design-build construction process that helps building owners monetize savings from future energy, utility, and maintenance budgets to finance facility modernization improvements. Energy savings are usually guaranteed, and can be by Hunton Services.  

Texas legislation allows public institutions to negotiate with companies like Hunton Services where savings pay for improvements. Savings, along with the flexibility the State provides of being able to negotiate for improvements, eliminates many of the typical pit-falls of the traditional low bid construction process that public institutions must otherwise live with.  

The Hunton Process
The Hunton process includes a comprehensive life cycle cost analysis to ensure the most appropriate solution is selected. The evaluation of various proposed design impacts on initial capital costs plus energy, maintenance, and other operating costs provides clients with an informed choice. To ensure our customers' best interest, Hunton Services prides itself on being vendor neutral; meaning we won’t mandate selection of any particular vendor, equipment design, or fuel source.

Customized Performance Solutions
Hunton Services’ Performance Contracting program provides our customers a menu of solutions tailored to their facility’s needs, with a single source of responsibility for design and implementation. Costs are lower and savings pay for the new building systems. We bear the financial and operational risks. Building owners no longer have to worry about contractor change-orders to fix design flaws.

Our Performance Contracting solutions also help with your sustainability programs and reduce your carbon footprint while improving your building’s functionality and operating environment. Energy and water savings are often in excess of 25%. Utilizing our understanding of Building Systems and Sustainability, Hunton Services is often able to dramatically affect the environmental impact of your facility.

At Hunton Services, we are, People using Knowledge to create Business Advantages through Building Systems, together.