Hunton Services, the IES Expert for Hot and Humid Climates

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems often result in occupant illness and have legal and financial implications for building owners and managers.

Common defects related to HVAC design in hot and humid climates include inadequate dehumidification caused by over sized sensible capacity and reduced airflow, inadequate exhausts for internal sources of moisture and insufficient ventilated air to maintain positive building air pressure.

Hunton Services is Houston’s IAQ expert. We offer solutions for mechanical air systems, which incorporate uniquely engineered products developed specifically for the remediation of commercial, healthcare, education and industrial mechanical air delivery systems.

We specialize in hot and humid climates and have the specific local knowledge required to investigate, assess and correct IAQ problems such as mold, bacteria, chemicals, allergens and asbestos that lead to building related disease or sick building syndrome. We address the IAQ problems at a systems level, and can integrate client, occupant and operational needs into a holistic solution for a specific building.

Hunton Services Indoor Environmental Solutions (IES) services, include:

All work is performed after hours with no overtime cost to the customer and minimum downtime for our clients. We also offer extensive maintenance programs to ensure longevity of your air system.