Controlling Contaminants is Fundamental

Mold, mildew, particles and chemicals are produced by a combination of occupant’s activities, furnishings and wall coverings, or are drawn directly from outdoors. Containing these contaminants at the source is more cost effective than filtering or diluting them once they are in the building.

Hunton Services is expert in the design and installation of three specific air-handling equipment characteristics that significantly reduce the likelihood of your HVAC system becoming a source of contamination:

  • Sloped drain pans: Hunton Services installs commercial air-handling products—from the smallest fan-coil to the largest central station air handler and rooftop units—with double sloped, noncorrosive drain pans
  • Cleanable interior surfaces: Hunton Services installs air handlers and ductwork with cleanable surfaces in all areas which become wet during normal system operation.
  • Accessibility: Hunton Services installs cooling coils and drain pans, which are readily accessible for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance in their normal operating position

Hunton Services Indoor Environmental Solutions (IES) containment services include: 

  • Drain pan conversion or replacement to meet ASHRAE 62.1 standards
  • Clean and sanitize complete unit
  • Anti microbial coatings for all air delivery systems
  • Final filter conversions and service
  • Duct cleaning
  • Reheat coil cleaning repairs and or replacements
  • Fire damper inspection and cleaning
  • Air sampling
  • Air delivery performance testing