Satisfying Thermal Comfort Requirements

Temperature and humidity control are two of the most important indicators of a building's Indoor Environmental Solutions (IES). From the tenant’s viewpoint, temperature and humidity are also very important in the perception of IES.

Alongside thermal comfort, the control of relative humidity is important in limiting the growth of microorganisms such as mold and dust mites. To control microorganisms, it is best to keep relative humidity between 30-60% at all times, including unoccupied hours.

Hunton Services provides specific knowledge of working in hot and humid climates. We combine this local insight with our technical expertise in regulatory compliance and practical hands-on operating experience. Hunton Services has specific expertise in high occupant density environments such as schools and healthcare buildings.

Hunton Services Indoor Environmental Solutions (IES) active humidity control services ensure you attain:

  • Correct system selection, equipment sizing and control
  • Adequate monitoring and control of dry-bulb temperature and humidity in an occupied space