R'newal™ Service Programs

The Trane R’newal™ Service Programs are comprehensive services that restore the performance of either the units compressor or building controls by replacing worn parts and materials or upgrading software technology. This service can only be offered by the OEM or Hunton Services (the Trane Manufactures Representative). This service brings your existing unit(s) to the same level of reliability and current technology as offered by a new Trane chiller or building control unit by:

  • BAS R’newal Program Trane BAS R’newal™ is a building controls upgrade program designed to make existing building automation systems (BAS) more effective and to improve building performance, while leveraging the equipment you already have in place. With cost-effective options and open systems designed for flexibility and integration, Trane renews your system without the cost and inconvenience of a full replacement. Link to detailed description: Trane BAS R'newal Program
  • Trane Series R™ R'newal Service Program Under normal conditions, compressors components can wear and tear over time. The Series R R’newal Service Program works to restore RTAA, RTAC, RTHA, RTHB, RTHC, RTHD, and RTUA, RTWA, RTUD and RTWD compressors to the manufacture’s original commitment of reliability and performance. Link to detailed description: Trane Series R™ R'newal Service Program

  • Trane CenTracVac® R’newal Service Program is a Trane exclusive, factory specified, field executed compressor service program that is backed by a 2 year standard parts and labor warranty with the option of a 3-5 year extended warranty on the compressor motor, bearings and lubrication system. This program allows you to meet your financial goals, improve your machines reliability, save money on operating costs, and prevent expensive unplanned failures. Link to detailed description: Trane CenTraVac R'newal Service Program / Brochure: Trane CentraVac R'newal Program

  • Adaptiview Upgrade™- Update your chiller control panel with Trane’s Adaptiview™ Upgrade. Featured on new Trane CenTraVac™ chillers, this control panel offers a large touch-screen display, 3D graphics, and an adjustable arm for improved operator access. 
    Click here to watch a Adaptiview Demo
  • AFD R'newal Service Program is a Trane exclusive offer that allows users to renew their liquid cooled AFDs main wear components to restore their reliability and longevity to the equivalent of a new drive. Each R'newal comes with a new nameplate and its major power components are backed by a Trane extended warranty. Link to detailed description: AFD R'newal Service Program

  • Trane IntelliPak Refresh Program is a factory-warranty solution to replace worn materials, restore unit performance, and provide the same reliability for the replaced materials as seen on new IntelliPak units. This program is offered for Trane IntelliPak style rooftop units built in the 1980s or later. This program is a Trane-exclusive service program that is backed by the same standard one year parts warranty and optional extended parts warranties offered on new Trane equipment. The refresh program is designed for owners who wish to sustain their equipment’s reliability and efficiency over a life of 20 to 25 years or longer. Link to detailed description: Trane IntelliPak Refresh Program