The Benefits of Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Hunton Services’ financial and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis combines proprietary software with over 30 years of real world experience working with large building system capital expenditure projects.

A capital purchase involves much more than the initial first cost of the equipment. In order to see the complete picture, you must include costs associated with installation, operation, energy efficiency, maintenance and financing. Without a life-cycle cost analysis, it’s impossible to make an accurate decision of the best system for your application.

Hunton Services’ financial and TCO analysis takes into account all of the costs associated with a capital purchase over its lifetime, which includes:

  • Purchase price
  • Installation cost
  • Financing cost
  • Commissioning cost
  • Energy costs
  • Repair and maintenance cost
  • Risk cost
  • Productivity cost
  • Disposal cost

Our Process

Our process begins with an audit of the existing system or facility. Data from this analysis identifies areas of potential savings by comparing actual costs against accepted benchmarks.

Hunton Services TOC financial analysis produces a complete picture, which encompasses cost analysis, system selection component compatibility and financing options.